About Create eLearning

Every Learning Management System that we used before didn’t feel right in one way or another. That had to change. This is how Create eLearning was born.

How is our system and service so different?
1.It all starts with our attitude, beliefs, values and work-life balance. We think differently. We merged together three different platforms to form the ultimate LMS, which delivers the most redundant learning experience possible.
2. We believe that a Learning Management System MUST support all file types. It is our duty to be on a constant lookout for new formats and quickly adopt and integrate them into our system.
3. A wide array of file formats allows organizations, trainers, coaches, mentors and individuals to become creative trailblazers: Create engaging, personalized training quickly, and share it with everybody you need, make bit-sized training accessible and easy to digest, utilize video selfies in your training strategy and turn learning into a truly enjoyable experience.
4. Seamlessly track and monitor all L&D related activities, keeping your staff, stakeholders, media and regulatory bodies satisfied in every situation. Messing up is a part of life – it’s how quickly you can respond to issues that really counts.
5.We support SCORM, but that’s just the beginning. What we are really looking forward to are new mediums that will surely be introduced in the future. This very thought sends chills up our spines!
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