Meet Create eLearning's team

In building the business we have been inspired by many. But these four are the cornerstones of our long-term success.



1. Mantra: Product, Product, Product, Service, Service, Service – Always delight, and excite the client.


2. Vineet Nayr book – “Employees first customers second” – Our product capabilities and internal structure was designed around the objectives and principals covered in this book.


3. Yvon Choinard’s book – “Let my people go surfing” – Quality work/life balance is critical to long-term success. This is a marathon. A culture where work is exciting, enjoyable, fun and becomes a passion. We work anywhere, anytime. Love to travel and have a global, local outlook to life.


4. Sequoia’s Capital – Templeton Compression and the Sales Ready Product. At the end of the day, sales solves everything; enabling us to live and relish the dream.



Leadership Team
Meet Create eLearning's CEO Mark Taggart
Mark Taggart
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Since 1999, Mark has been involved in helping six early stage businesses grow into significant entities. His experience is within the technology and regulated industries space.

Three of these have moved to successful exit with valuations ranging from $1.3M – £60M and €297M. The fourth listed on NASDAQ.

Marks role is to ensure the business has the right talent to grow exponentially and to-do this, while sailing a steady course – delighting clients.

Mark has a passion to be the industries most creative, innovative and disruptive force.

Meet Create eLearning's karen coyle
Karen Coyle (MCIPD)
Head of Business Development

Karen brings with her a wealth of HR qualifications and over 20 years of HR industry experience.
She combines these sound talents with a strong natural sales capability and attention to process.

By understanding the industry issues first hand we have built a sales process and product that perfectly compliments the buying needs and cycle. The result is a more knowledgeable, informed exchange.

Karen manages our international Business Development team.

Meet Create eLearning's Carol Ann Stevenson
Carol-Ann Stevenson
Head of Customer Success

Carol-Ann manages the process of delighting client and fixing anything that detracts from this.

Our R&D, Development Team, Quality and Course Building teams all report into Carol Ann. Resource is allocated to ensure new clients transition quickly and smoothly to success.

This stream understands the customer needs exceptionally well and engages them in future development activities.