e Learning Course Builder for:

   1.   Private for Organisations

   2.   Public for Instructors wanting to sell training

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Two options - Incredibly feature rich - You choose:
  • White-Label with your branding
  • Designed for business
  • Banking grade security standards
  • Supports ALL your content file types
  • Fully customize your certificates
  • Add instructors, creatives and translators
  • Sell training to partners
  • Set special pricing levels or offer coupons
  • Set assignments – with file upload/download
  • Create and run apprenticeships and ePortfolio
  • Review your content and set-live in minutes
  • Instructor workroom – Communicate and grade work

How does the Course Builder work?

Firstly – You continue to use the content tools you love such as Articulate, Claro, PowerPoint, SlideShare, Prezi, KeyNote, Video, Moovly, Audio, SCORM, HTML5 and even Flash and PDF files.

Secondly – Upload your files. Create quizzes, exams in minutes and even request evidence of competency. (The platform becomes the perfect ePortfolio tool). Our servers then cleverly take care of everything to ensure the files are compressed and play back beautifully for the learner across any device, even smartphones.

Lastly – If you want to make money selling the course you set your pricing. The system is VATMOSS compliant and handles the credit card processing. Choose a certificate layout and then press publish and voila – Your e Learning course is ready to be assigned to students on almost any device.

Our customer success team will teach you all the top tips and tricks for building exciting classes.

If you need a training academy. Drop us a line at hello@Create-eLearning.com