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Is it possible to schedule multiple (non-recurring) ILT classes?
Yes, you can select separate dates.
Do you have an option to export detailed reports to Excel or .csv
Yes, you can export both pdf and csv reports.
Do you have an option to limit or approve the maximum number of participants per ILT course? 
No limiting option is available however every user has to be approved by instructor so the instructor can limit the amount of participants by not accepting them if the limit has been reached.
Is it possible to link our database to create e-learn (API integration) so we can manage records on our end and push them to the system and vice versa?
Yes, we would need to know the name of the database and discuss the requirements for the integration.
What is the role of the organisation manager?
The organisation manager can do the same as admin but they do not receive some emails that admins do, but they can manage organisation, see reports, create courses, assign them to users.
What is the role of a Course manager?
The course manager is the similar to a regular User but they can create courses in organisation. No access to management panel/reports.
What is the role of the administrator?
The administrator has full rights over the system from adding and removing users to a view of the full reports. This is the highest level available.
What is the role of the user?
A user can only take courses that are assigned to them, they are unable to create courses, edit content and view reports.
How is your platform built?
Our platform is built using the latest HTML5 standards and works seamlessly on Chrome, Opera and FireFox.
If there are any global problems, fixes, changes, or updates how will we be notified up front? 
You will be notified from our support team to admin staff for all of those points.
How many companies do you work with in the U.S. and how many as a whole?
The platform came to market in Jan of 2015 and in that time we have landed 60 clients. Notable clients include Sagnet/Spacenet (Oklahoma) who re-brand our products under their net work and they serve over 250,000 locations across the USA. Our offline capability was developed especially for them Our US clients include the Financial, legal and counselling sectors. We work with the UK government with the Police. Other UK clients include Dentists, Oil Spillage experts, Education to name a few. We would be happy to supply a list of references for you to contact on either side of the pond,The innovation that has been developed within our platform was not available before 2014 with the HTML 5 standard. The platform leverages the HTML standard which means it works online offline and and on any device. We are now in average 6 clients per month coming on and expanding rapidly.
Where can we find the option to approve students who signed up to an ILT course? 
An email will be sent to theinstructor (and a message via internal messaging) asking to approve the user
Can you sell courses within an academy?
Yes, you can set the price of a course during the course building process.
Can you pull quizzes from SCORM?
We have this as part of our development road map
Is there an on-going support team? If so, who do we contact? Where are they located? Hours of operation? 
Ongoing support is available and Carol-Ann would be your initial contact and she may at some point give you a dedicated team member. Contact will be via telephone/skype/got meeting or email. The team is located in the UK and support hours are 7 am EST - 7 pm PST. Should you require 24/7 support we can send costs across for that. Note we have offices int he USA and will be staffing them this year with sales and support teams. Sagenet, our partner can also support you 
When problems arise with the platform (technical issues) who fixes this?  How do we address these with you? 
We fix any issues with the platform under the terms of your annual license and if you notice an issue you can raise this by either sending a support request email from the system or contacting your project lead directly via phone/email/skype.
There has been an issue with users creating a new account if they cannot remember their username and password. Are there any measures in place to prevent this?
The username will be their dedicated email address which should prevent that from slipping their mind, there is a password reset function if they forget password.
How will users log in to their account? In the event a user forgets their username & password, how is this reset?
If you choose to bulk upload the users will be sent a link to join your training academy. Alternatively you can send the link to the users for them to request to join the training academy and they should bookmark the link. There is a support tab on the left hand side which they can use if they forgot all unique login details
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