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Having a properly set up distribution channel may be the key to your organization’s profitably and success. With so many people representing your company though, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a consistent brand image, effectively educate each channel partner on various subjects and make sure that each of them is on the same page with your employees. This is where an LMS jumps in to help.

Channel partners absolutely need to be educated about your company culture, brand image and all product features to maintain your reputation in the global market. The top three benefits of an LMS for channel trainings are:
Cost efficiency

Create eLearning LMS helps cut unnecessary training costs significantly. No need for acquiring paper, pens, using multiple documents or any other additional materials.

Worldwide access

Channel partners are usually scattered all around the globe. Create eLearning LMS makes it easy to deliver learning materials to any person, anywhere around the globe.

Reports and analytics

Track and assess the learning progress of your channel partners with the help of our reporting tool. Make sure everyone achieved satisfactory results upon training completion.

Why Create eLearning is the best LMS for channel training
Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Trainings available anywhere in the world

Our LMS is available both on the cloud and on premise. You will be able to deliver learning content to any channel partner, anywhere in the world, regardless of time and space.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Automated reporting and tracking

Our in depth reporting and reporting features allow to evaluate the effectiveness of your learning courses and monitor the progress of your learners easily, all from a single dashboard.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Personalized learning

Create eLearning’s intuitive and user-friendly interface can be customized to fit your brand image to help maintain consistency in the global market. Present your brand exactly the way you need and make it easy for channel partners to understand the direction you are going.

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What Our Clients Think about Our Product
Raw technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
RAW Technologies

“The Create eLearning platform is highly flexible, catering excellently for our existing training programs and learning materials. It does exactly what we want from an LMS – and provides a much easier way for us to track the usage of the learning materials.”


Justin Price, RAW Technology Ltd’s Health & Safety Advisor and Learning System Administrator

The Field Federation success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
The Field Federation

“Create eLearning said it could create an LMS to do anything I wanted. We had some meetings – to discuss what I needed – and, admittedly after a little longer than I had hoped, they produced for me the system I needed.”


Asli Akkoyunoglu, FIFAL’s Community Learning Leader

Align technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
Align Technologies

“There’s no doubt that Create eLearning’s ability to make the online learning materials available in a range of local languages, as well as being able to inject greater interactivity into these materials has made an enormous difference to the learners’ performance.”


Rob MacDonald, Clinical Sales Trainer, Europe, Align Technology