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Customer training can be a critical addition to your product or service. Oftentimes, customers don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills to make the most out of your products, or simply lack the time needed to sit down and learn everything at their own pace. On top of that, customer training sessions can be useful to educate your existing customers about any new feature or additional product that you aim to release in the near future.

Customer training doesn’t need to be complex. There is an efficient way to educate your users on any topic they struggle with or need more information. The top three benefits of LMS platforms for customer trainings are:
Education made easy

Seamlessly create and distribute educational content to all of your clients. You can also choose to allow learning access to individuals or individual groups of customers.

Measure your efforts

Analyze and track the effectiveness of your learning courses and understand how well do customers comprehend and retain information using the reporting feature.

Use your preferred format

Create and distribute content in any format including text, video, audio SCORM, Slideshare, PowerPoint, etc.

Why Create eLearning is the best LMS for customer training
Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Incredibly easy to use

Our intuitive user interface is so easy to use. Even the least tech savvy customers will have no problems.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
A single platform for all learning content

create and distribute all learning materials using a single dashboard. Even if you have a lot of topics to cover, you will never have to use multiple platforms and tools to share knowledge that matters.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
In depth reporting

Our platform offers comprehensive, in depth and user-friendly reporting and analytical tools to measure learners’ performance and monitor results. Make sure your customers know everything they need about your product to make the most out of it.

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What Our Clients Think about Our Product
Raw technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
RAW Technologies

“The Create eLearning platform is highly flexible, catering excellently for our existing training programs and learning materials. It does exactly what we want from an LMS – and provides a much easier way for us to track the usage of the learning materials.”


Justin Price, RAW Technology Ltd’s Health & Safety Advisor and Learning System Administrator

Align technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
Align Technology

“There’s no doubt that Create eLearning’s ability to make the online learning materials available in a range of local languages, as well as being able to inject greater interactivity into these materials has made an enormous difference to the learners’ performance.”


Rob MacDonald, Clinical Sales Trainer, Europe, Align Technology

Ayin Technology's success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
AYIN International

“Create eLearning provided plain, good information, they were great with their demos in addition to their costs and proficiencies”



J. Andrew Hatter, Founder and President of AYIN International