Create eLearning LMS for Employee Training and Development

As a person in charge of your organization’s learning and development initiatives, you know how complex it can be to organize everything smoothly. Employees need to learn, but they also can’t afford to skip work for the sake of attending classroom sessions. On top of that, traditional learning methods are costly, time consuming, boring and counter-efficient. Regardless of your business type, shape, size or orientation, an LMS can become your best friend in terms of creating, distributing and tracking learning courses effectively and effortlessly.

If your training methods don’t cut it, it’s high time to make the switch to LMS. The Top three benefits of LMS platforms for employee training and development are:
Flexible learning

An LMS allows to distribute learning content to any learner, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Employees will be able to complete their training at their own pace, desired device and preferred space.

Improve training efficiency

Employees will have the option to complete each learning course as many times as needed to fully master and retain the provided knowledge, as well as retake the same courses any time in the future. This will increase efficiency, productivity and information retention.

Minimize training costs

Eliminate the costs needed to produce, buy or rent expensive training equipment, content and space. Drastically reduce travel costs and deliver personalized learning content right to your employees’ inboxes.

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Why Create eLearning is the best LMS for employee training and development
Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Easy tracking and reporting

Our tracking and reporting features allow to track and measure employees’ progress and course completion. Determining your learning ROI has never been easier.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Online, offline and off-grid learning

Make your courses available to learners anytime, anywhere, on any device, even if there is no internet connection available.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform channel training
Intuitive user interface

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface doesn’t need “getting used-to” and allows create and distribute learning courses within minutes.

What Our Clients Think about Our Product
Raw technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
RAW Technology Ltd

“We’re finding that the system itself is extremely user-friendly, and already we’re seeing opportunities for increasing the system’s scope and contents.”


Justin Price, RAW Technology Ltd’s Health & Safety Advisor and Learning System Administrator

Align technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
Align Technology

Since the new, Create eLearning-developed online learning materials were introduced, we’ve seen a distinct improvement in usage rates and in learner achievement.”


Rob MacDonald, Clinical Sales Trainer, Europe, Align Technology

Ayin Technology's success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
AYIN International

“Create eLearning provided plain, good information, they were great with their demos in addition to their costs and proficiencies”



J. Andrew Hatter, Founder and President of AYIN International

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