Create eLearning LMS for HR Training

HR professionals all over the world have already recognized the ineffectiveness of traditional, classroom learning methods, which is particularly true for large companies. In the tech savvy world of today, more and more employees demand engaging, easily digestible and narrowly focused training content for their L&D. Most LMS platforms support a wide array of content formats, giving you the ability to create engaging, fun and easily digestible training content, which will be loved, welcomed and looked forward to by all employees.

Training should be effective, cost-efficient and regarded as a fun, relevant and enjoyable experience. The top three benefits of an LMS for HR training are:
Learning made easy

Cut unnecessary training costs associated with transportation, content acquisition and venues. An LMS makes it easy to create, assign and distribute any training content to any employee, regardless of time and space.

Faster onboarding

It’s critical to get new hires up-to-speed as quickly as possible. An LMS can help you create, store and distribute personalized learning materials that are essential for new hires to get into action. Fast and smooth onboarding directly leads to more productivity, engagement and motivation, which all translate into more return on investment per employee.

Flexible learning

Employees often don’t have enough time to dedicate to learning. With the help of an LMS, HRs can create and distribute training materials that take little time to consume and retain, and also give employees the chance to learn at their own pace, desired space and preferred time.

Key LMS features that make employees more productive
Why Create eLearning is the best LMS for HR training
Create eLearning LMS software platform for HR Training
A single platform for everything

Combine and manage all your training courses from a single platform. Create, assign and distribute all training courses from a single dashboard.

Create eLearning LMS software platform for HR Training
Monitoring and tracking

Monitor the progress of your employees to understand the effectiveness of your training courses. Create more personalized and efficient training materials with the help of stored historical data and in-depth analytical features.

Create eLearning LMS software platform for HR Training
Seamless management

Organize and manage training for as many employees as needed. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 employees or 10000 – Seamlessly create the necessary content and manage all training activities via a single dashboard.

What Our Clients Think about Our Product
Ayin Technology's success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
AYIN International

“Create eLearning provided plain, good information, they were great with their demos in addition to their costs and proficiencies”



J. Andrew Hatter, Founder and President of AYIN International

The Field Federation success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
The Field Federation

“The Create eLearning team was extremely supportive.”


Asli Akkoyunoglu, FIFAL’s Community Learning Leader

Align technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
Align Technology

“There’s no doubt that Create eLearning’s ability to make the online learning materials available in a range of local languages, as well as being able to inject greater interactivity into these materials has made an enormous difference to the learners’ performance.”


Rob MacDonald, Clinical Sales Trainer, Europe, Align Technology

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