Create eLearning LMS for Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and marketing teams are among the greatest assets of any organization in terms of profits. Consistent training is one of the best ways to keep your sales and marketing teams at the peak of their efficiency and productivity, and motivate them to go beyond their usual limits. An LMS helps deliver essential knowledge to the right team member at the right time, which is the secret behind all successful sales and marketing teams, and their efficient collaboration.

Sales and marketing teams require the most recent information regarding specific, relevant topics to be able to produce the best results possible. The top three benefits of an LMS for sales and marketing training are:
Lower costs

Organizing traditional training sessions for employees is costly for any company, particularly if the team is large and scattered around the world. An LMS helps centralize all training activities via one platform and deliver learning content to any team member, anytime, anywhere.

Utilizing “dead” time

Sales teams spend a lot of time traveling and meeting clients around the continent, which leads to huge time losses during traveling. An LMS can help utilize travel time, since employees will have the chance to consume learning content during their travels.

More customers

An increase in motivation, morale, confidence, engagement, productivity and efficiency directly leads to acquiring more customers per every sales employee. An LMS helps sharpen the skills of your marketing and sales teams and increase their knowledge, allowing to close more deals in less time.

Key LMS features that make employees more productive
Why Create eLearning is the best LMS for sales and marketing training
Create eLearning LMS Software Platform for Sales and Marketing Training
Cost-efficient learning

Create eLearning gives your company all the tools to create and deliver essential knowledge and learning content to each team, just in the nick of time, even on a tight budget.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform for Sales and Marketing Training
In-depth reporting and analytics

Monitor and track the progress of your employees and make sure they complete their training on time. Our in-depth analytical and reporting features allow to identify any potential gaps and fill them in, hassle-free.

Create eLearning LMS Software Platform for Sales and Marketing Training
Personalized learning

In a lot of cases, each team member needs to undertake a specific type of training based on his or her job specifications, which can be troublesome for companies to organize and manage. Our platform allows to create and distribute personalized content, designed for a single team member or for the whole team, depending on your needs.

What Our Clients Think about Our Product
Ayin Technology's success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
AYIN International

“Create eLearning provided plain, good information, they were great with their demos in addition to their costs and proficiencies”



J. Andrew Hatter, Founder and President of AYIN International

The Field Federation success with Create eLearning LMS software platform
The Field Federation

“The Create eLearning team was extremely supportive.”


Asli Akkoyunoglu, FIFAL’s Community Learning Leader

Raw technology success with Create eLearning LMS Software Platform
RAW Technologies

“The Create eLearning platform is highly flexible, catering excellently for our existing training programs and learning materials. It does exactly what we want from an LMS – and provides a much easier way for us to track the usage of the learning materials.”


Justin Price, RAW Technology Ltd’s Health & Safety Advisor and Learning System Administrator

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