Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for Coaches & Mentors


Coaching and mentoring programs are strategic aspects of learning and development initiatives for many companies. Mentors regard individual employees as their protégés and teach how to approach various complex situations and help them deal with day-to-day business issues. Coaches focus on individual job related tasks that should be achieved by certain employees at all costs. No matter which camp you are in though, the process is the same – train your employees to become better at what they do, every day.

An LMS can help coaches and mentors accelerate the results of their efforts
With the help of an LMS, coaches and mentors can create and deliver personalized learning materials to their trainees and make real-time updates to all content, without any problems. Trainees will have full access to all the learning materials produced and presented by their coaches, and the ability to reuse them whenever necessary. Personalized approach to learning dramatically improves the results of learners and helps them get on the right track faster and smoother.
Core Benefits of an LMS for Coaches and Mentors
Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for Coaches & Mentors
Personalized training

Create and deliver personalized learning content to each of your learners. Address specific, job-related issues of every learner by delivering the most suitable learning solutions based on each individual case

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for Coaches & Mentors
Flexible learning

Learners will have the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device, which allows them to fully focus on their job during the working hours, and complete courses whenever and wherever they are most comfortable

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for Coaches & Mentors
Informal learning

An LMS provides you with all the tools to create informal learning courses, allowing you to use any examples, language or other method that fits your situation best. Combined with personalized learning, informal learning courses can very well be the missing link you need for real progress

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for Coaches & Mentors
Higher learning ROI

Eliminate unnecessary costs associated with organizing learning sessions in a traditional setting. Deliver the exact learning materials that your trainees need to succeed, using any format you desire

Why Create eLearning is the LMS of choice for coaches and mentors

Create eLearning can help coaches and mentors tailor their own, unique educational solutions to each learner, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of the whole training process. Share your knowledge and experience to guide your learners using any content format you like and help them achieve goals and objectives even faster than planned.

Top reasons to choose Create eLearning for coaches and mentors
Problems without LMS Software Platform
  1. Enhance productivity
  2. Personalized approach to learners
  3. Higher learning ROI
  4. Improve learning comprehension and retention
Solutions Create eLearning LMS software platform provides
  1. Mobile learning
  2. Intuitive and easy user interface
  3. Create learning courses in any format
  4. In depth reporting and analytical features
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