Create eLearning LMS Software platform for HR


HR managers all over the world have already recognized the inefficiency of classroom learning methods and the need to create a more engaging, personalized and fun method of delivering essential learning information to employees. Traditional learning methods are not simply boring and generic, but they also deliver poor results in terms of course comprehension and information retention. Traditional courses are often scheduled at the worst time possible and above all else, cost your company a fortune to organize and manage.

A comprehensive LMS platform will save HRs a ton of unnecessary stress and headache
HRs can’t simply forget about trainings and wait for the perfect employees to arrive at the company, already trained and ready for action, and also can’t expect instructors to magically transform into stand-up comedians to keep employees engaged and attentive when needed. What HRs can do though, is put an end to those mandatory, traditional learning sessions when a bunch of dead tired, red eyed employees would haul themselves into a conference room, open their notepads and mindlessly stare at their instructor without listening to a single word. An LMS can help HRs turn dreadful learning sessions into productive, engaging and enjoyable experiences that every employee will be looking forward to.
Core Benefits Of an LMS for HR Managers
Create eLearning LMS Software platform for HR
Interactive learning

Create and deliver learning materials that will engage employees, keep them focused and attentive, while encouraging to interact with the content. Interactive courses boost information comprehension and retention, providing a high L&D ROI.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for HR
Flexible schedules

It’s often close to impossible to organize a learning course that can be comfortably attended by all your employees, especially if some of them operate abroad. An LMS adds a pinch of flexibility to learning schedules, allowing your employees to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for HR
Easy management

Creating, distributing and assigning courses to employees has never been this easy. Whether you have 10 employees or 10000, it makes no difference. Simply assign each course to the corresponding group of employees, monitor their results and evaluate the effectiveness of your courses, all from one dashboard.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for HR
Accelerate onboarding

Getting a new employee up to speed takes a lot of unnecessary time. An LMS can help you create and deliver learning materials that are essential for new hires to consume and understand, in order to get into action as quick as possible. Make sure that newcomers know everything from company policies and compliance, to specific job-related tasks and operations.

Why Create eLearning is the LMS of choice for Human resources managers

Taking care of the learning and development initiatives of every employee in a company is a difficult task. Create eLearning can help HR professionals save tons of time on content generation and distribution, while minimizing training costs for their company. Our intuitive and user friendly interface won’t require any “getting used to” time, allowing you to manage all learning activities efficiently, right from the first day of use.

Top reasons to choose Create eLearning for human resources
Problems without LMS Software Platform
  1. Faster onboarding
  2. All in one learning management solution
  3. Boost engagement
  4. Calculate ROI
  5. Flexible schedules
Solutions Create eLearning LMS software platform provides
  1. Easy content generation tool
  2. Precise tracking and monitoring features
  3. Solid training data
  4. A single platform for everything
  5. Online, offline, off-grid learning
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