Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for L&D


Learning and development teams are in charge of improving the efficiency and productivity of the whole workforce. While with smaller teams that are located in the same building this task is manageable via traditional learning methods, when it comes to bigger teams, it becomes almost impossible to organize training courses for all employees, especially when they are scattered around the globe. An LMS offers a comprehensive solution for L&D professionals to effectively create and distribute learning content, and organize training courses for each and every employee, regardless of space and time.

Easily manage the lifecycle of all employees from a single place
Monitoring and tracking the results of each and every employee is critical to understand your L&D ROI. Traditional methods of learning offer no specific way to calculate the return of your L&D investments, while a comprehensive LMS platform is rallied with easy-to-use analytical features that can be used to track and monitor the progress of your employees, allowing to base your calculations on solid data figures, instead of guesswork. All the data is concentrated on a single dashboard, which makes it easy to manage the whole lifecycle for each group of employees.
Core Benefits of an LMS for L&D Proffesionals
Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for L&D
Accelerate onboarding

Faster onboarding directly leads to higher productivity and higher return per employee. Create and distribute personalized onboarding content to each newcomer and give them all the tools they need to become a qualified team member in no time.

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for L&D
L&D made easy

Eliminate all the complexities associated with creating, distributing, tracking and assessing learning courses. Deliver learning materials to any employee anytime, anywhere, on any device, with just a few clicks.

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for L&D
Reports and analytics

Intuitive and automated reporting tools generate monthly reports and update training records automatically. Assess the effectiveness of your learning courses and the progress of your employees to reveal weak spots, identify missing links and reinforce your learning content with even more value.

Platform Create elearning LMS software Platform for L&D
Align training budgets with organizational goals

Learning and development is an essential aspect of success for each business. Yet, it doesn’t need to be expensive. An LMS can help create and deliver appropriate training materials and courses even if you are on a tight budget, while giving you the ability to align L&D efforts with organizational goals.

Why Create eLearning is the LMS of choice for L&D teams

Our platform is equipped with all the necessary tools and features that L&D teams need to create and deliver personalized, engaging, interactive and fun learning experiences to employees. You will have the option to distribute learning content to any person in the world, regardless of time and space, and even internet connection. On top of that, automated tracking features make it easy for L&D teams to store all training data and monitor the progress and accomplishments of all employees on individual, department or organizational level.

Top reasons to choose Create eLearning for learning and development
Problems without LMS Software Platform
  1. A cost efficient learning mechanism
  2. Organize and manage all learning activities easily
  3. L&D ROI calculations
  4. All in one learning system
Solutions Create eLearning LMS software platform provides
  1. Robust analytical and reporting features
  2. A single platform available anytime, anywhere, online, offline and off-grid
  3. No guesswork, only solid data
  4. Lower costs, higher training ROI
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