Create eLearning LMS Software platform for Apprenticeship


Modern apprenticeship programs carry a lot significance for organizations that choose to utilize this method of employee onboarding. The faster you can get a new apprentice up to speed, the higher return on investment you will get at the end of each month. Strategically organizing learning courses in a proper manner will help accelerate onboarding processes and help apprentices get better at their job responsibilities with each passing day.

Modern Apprenticeships made easy
An LMS makes life easy for all stakeholders involved in modern apprenticeship programs: Apprentices get the chance to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere, using any device, instructors and managers can use our LMS anytime to track and analyze the progress of their apprentices, independent training companies can run the whole modern apprenticeship scheme by delivering different types of training, tracking completion and results and increasing adherence and compliance to the program.
Core Benefits of an LMS for Modern Apprenticeships
Create eLearning LMS Software platform for Apprenticeship
Reduce costs

Eliminate travel and accommodation costs of organizing traditional classroom trainings for your apprentices and deliver the most up-to-date learning content right into their preferred device.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for Apprenticeship
Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device

Give your apprentices the option to learn at their own pace and space comfortably, using their preferred device, anywhere in the world.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for Apprenticeship
A single platform for all

Unite all your apprenticeship programs on a single platform, including all types of learning methods – webinars, instructor led trainings, Lunch & Learns, coaching, mentoring, videos, presentations, face-to-face, informal learning, etc.

Create eLearning LMS Software platform for Apprenticeship
Analyze and track progress

Analyze and assess the progress of your apprentices and their learning results with the help of reporting features. Evaluate the effectiveness of your instructors and their learning materials to make sure your apprentices comprehend and retain all learning content properly.

Why Create eLearning is the LMS of choice for modern apprenticeships

Our purpose is to make delivering, running and distributing Modern Apprenticeship schemes highly efficient and effective. We help strip out wastage and inefficient processes. Onboard new apprentices and get them up to speed quickly to increase productivity, motivation and retention, and enjoy a high return on investment. Our LMS works online, offline and off-grid, giving you all the tools you need to train apprentices in any part of the globe.

Top reasons to choose Create eLearning for modern apprenticeships
Problems without LMS Software Platform
  1. Lower training costs, increase course efficiency
  2. Accelerate onboarding
  3. Calculate learning ROI
  4. Track apprentices’ progress
  5. Allow apprentices to learn anytime, anywhere, using any device
Solutions Create eLearning LMS software platform provides
  1. Eliminate additional learning costs and improve productivity
  2. Personalized learning
  3. Historically stored training data
  4. Easy-to-use reporting features
  5. A single platform to unite all apprenticeship programs
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